Welcome to the 1969 Chevy Page

This Truck is for Sale or Trade!!!!

This page features a 1969 1/2 ton camper special truck. The camper special featured a V/8, Automatic Transmission, Air Conditioning, power brakes, power steering, and 3 gas tanks.
Here is the 69 Chevy Camper Special how it is today.

 Here's a nice shot of the first bumper I put on the 1969 Chevy after I first bought it.

Here is a pictures of the new Disc brakes installed with the lovely cross drilled Rotors

So here is the color matched engine with Headers, and aluminum intake with matching valve covers, just eyeballing it before final installation.

A nice interior view of the truck, I've replaced the carpet, seats, door panels and pads, Put a new tach in after this picture.




This shot looks cool all foggy and such.

It's nice to know these trucks will be around longer than I will unlike the plastic trucks of today.  These trucks actually go up in value, again unlike the overprice crap they sell today!


Here's a nice view of the trucks at night.